Convert data and make a data map with ParseNIP

Convert data today.

Converting data from one format to another is a challenge and a drain on your resources - an unnecessary one. Help is at hand.

Convert Data Easily using the ParseNIP Data Sniffer

Data Sniffer

With the ParseNIP Data Sniffer you'll easily remove the guess work out of determining data formats and encoding. Whether your file is a fixed format or contains comma separated values (CSV) ParseNIP automatically detects data fields, their types, such as dates and numerical values, and file encodings such as UTF.

As well as the elements within input and output files and how the records are delimited, the Data Sniffer functionality can discern what type/format of text file you are dealing with. So you don't have to understand whether the character set is one thing or another.

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Data Conversion with ParseNIP's File Designer is a snap

File Designer

The benefit of ParseNIP's file designer is that it shows you your data in a way you can understand readily, and gives you the chance to interact efficiently with it.

Use ParseNIP’s file designer to adjust field settings and preview data. The file designer is used to create or remove fields as well as adjust characteristics, such as column positions. The graphical designer is coupled with a file preview for instant feedback.

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Data Conversion with ParseNIP's Filter and Preview Capabilities is easy

Filter and Preview

In the design mode of ParseNIP you can see the effect of your decisions about how the data needs to be filtered through previews. Records which are going to be screened out of the conversion are visually tagged and grayed out.

How conversion instructions will affect the job are clearly shown. The way in which you can affect what will be included and excluded from the tasks of coverting data from one format to another are easily applied. This is a boost to productivity when you are devising how you want your data to be transformed.


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Map Data with the Visual Data Mapper and be done quickly

Visual Mapper

Data transformation is all about mapping data from one formation to another. Combine fields, alter values, use simple or complicated expressions to satisfy your mapping requirements.

The way ParseNIP allows you to do this means that you can get to where you want swiftly, your data converted to how you want it to be - without resorting to scripting, programming or other complicated, time-consuming and expensive methods.

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Data Map Wizards are used to easily Convert Data

Visual Mapper Wizards

A unique feature of ParseNIP comes in a Quck Start Wizard. Start your conversion project by allowing ParseNIP to detect the type of file and the key details of the format.

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Visual Expression Builder is used in Data Conversion

Visual Expression Builder

This feature supports you in your aim of defining the rules of conversions with minimum fuss, least effort. With an easy-to-operate and simple to learn way of doing things, the Visual Expression Builder is a key part of how you will be defining tasks without having to learn complicated scripting or new programming skills, or enlisting the help of people with other information technology specialisms.

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