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Beta Copy of Data Mapping Software

We encourage you to participate in our beta copy evaluation program.  We welcome any suggestions and can answer your questions.





System Requirements for Data Conversion Software

  • Microsoft™ Windows XP™, Windows Vista™, or Windows 7™ (32-bit or 64-bit) installed and configured on your system.
  • Microsoft™ .Net Framework 4. ParseNIP will install but warn you of an initialzation error if you have too early a version of .Net framework.  Go to the Microsoft website, it is provided for download for free if needed.
  • Min. 1GB of RAM  4 GB recommended  and ~  2.4 GHz processor speed is recommended.
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space for the application. Additional space will be required for the data you propose to convert.





  • Installation requires an internet connection for a simple one time registration process. Input of a valid email address and a user name for registration on our support forum is necessary to complete installation. A beta license agreement is displayed during installation and you must read through and agree to the provisions of this before using the software. 


  • If your download/running the executable appears to fail, troubleshoot first whether your security provision (anti-virus for example) is being overly aggressive. 


  • You are encouraged to visit the web site forum and give your feeback/suggestions. Additional support during your beta evaluation is available through the website forum/group we have set up for beta users. For example, in the forum an email account where you can communicate privately with Formation Software technical and business experts will be disclosed for you to use if you prefer 1:1  non-public interaction.


  • An evaluation period of seven days is provided for in the executable you can download. Remember the software is provided in this beta copy "as is" and with no warranties. 


  • There is no limitation to the number of uses of you ParseNIP Beta copy within seven days, or to the number of records you can process from input to output. The limitations of your hardware may be a factor if you present the conversion engine with a huge transformation task. Good practice when developing a conversion projet is to use a representative sub-set of a larger data set, conducting trials on a manageable volume. 


We sincerely hope you enjoy your Beta experience. Drop us a line through the contact form if you have any questions prior to downloading. We're happy to help. 



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